Let your art reach a new market!

If you are an artist the biggest challenge is often to get the right people to see your work. A prospect client may walk right past galleries and vernissages that show your creations. Also, such venues only show a fraction of the items you may have for sale.

How would it sound to you, to have your work visible to a brand new market? Today a growing community are either in possession of, or opening their eyes to crypto currency. Tap into this crypto community by setting yourself up with the free K-Merchant payment system. Not only will you be able to get paid with a crypto asset (BTC, ETH or KBC) inter changeable to fiat currencies such as EUR, USD etc. but also having the opportunity to be listed globally as a K-merchant.

Contact me to find out more or follow the link to create your free account. http://bit.ly/k-merchant-payments