How Much Beer Can You Buy For 1 Ounce of Gold? Oktoberfest Special

By Mike Maloney and Ronni Stoeferle

If you have not figured out the Beer / Gold ratio yet – here you go 🍻 😀 🍻🍺 Octoberfest 2020 ?? 🙂

Keep your droplets of future beer / gold safe in digital form until you feel it is time to bring them into physical form,  i.e. October fest? 🙂  and/or when it is time to trade them into something else. 

Freebay’s bullions are even available in small units, 0.1 gram (equivalent of EUR 6-7 as per beginning of April 2020).

There is no time to loose – Contact me for more information or head over to  Freebay – and sign up with a free gold savings account today.