Many people believe that gold especially as an investment is only for the wealthy.

Karatbars has the opposite approach. It is bringing the opportunity for the masses to save in gold starting with as small units as 0.1 gram (approx. equivalent of  EUR 6-7 as per the 1 April 2020).

So to start saving in an asset that preserves purchasing power in the future you would only have  to skip that extra cup of coffee, glass of wine or lottery ticket.

Build your future wealth one gram (or a tenth of a gram) at the time!


Small exercise..

  1.  Google the gold price the day you where born (LBMA credited).
  2.  Now google the gold price on the day you received your first paycheck.
  3.  Finally google the gold price today.
  4.  What does that tell you?

If you could have saved 1 gram every week / month since you first paycheck would you have done it?…

Hindsight is always easy but would you start doing it today?

To get going with a free gold savings account at Karatbars and switch on autosave for a gram a month, bi-month or weekly and forget about it could not be easier.

Alternatively save cashgold in as small amount as 0.1g when you want / can and in a year or two you will be very happy you did.

Resale value

Not that you probably would like to sell any gold at this time but if you would, the advantage with Karatbars gold lies in the quality and ability of resale.

With a certificate, a unique 3-D effect of the hologram and the contained pure certified 999.9 gold, exclusively produced by suppliers and refineries that are listed on the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), there is a high level of security for Karatbars gold bars.