Gold at Karatbars

All gold at Karatbars is certified 24 karat 999.9% pure gold bullion exclusively produced by suppliers and refineries that are listed on the LBMA.


The Classic Gold is your legacy gold, physical, free storage or ready for delivery if you so choose (small FedEx fee) – set up an auto exchange to save a little a week or a month “and forget it”. The value to save can be set as a gram or EUR amount.


Cashgold is digital gold as well as physical gold. Delivery possible at a small FedEx delivery fee (smaller units will produce a production cost).

CEM (Cashgold Exchange Machines) i.e. an ATM with gold, are being distributed over the world. Some are already up and running and many more CEMs will be delivered once the lockdowns are over.

Cashgold in its digital form is called UNV (Univals). In a few months KaratPay (an online gold wallet) will be up and running on the blockchain and you will be able to pay for goods and services in UNV (Univals / Cashgold).


KBC (Karatgold Coin) is the Karatbars’ crypto utility coin already available on the blockchain space and can be used as payment for products and services. You can also exchange the KBC to gold or Fiat (currency like EUR / USD) within the Karatbars Eco System.

Contact me or head over to Karatbars to open up you free gold savings account with link below