To be safe in the cyber space

With Cyber Security, GDPR, other regulations being implemented and a constant surge of unethical people and organisations around the globe tying to do their outmost to get your personal data there is no time to loose to get your communications into a safe and secure space.

New technical advancement regarding ledgers, secure wallets and safe communications are being developed and will soon be available.

G999 card - More than just a ledger.

Cutting edge technology at a size of a credit card.

  • G999 Card – Cold Storage Wallet

  • G999 Card – Saving Storage Wallet

  • G999 Card – Merchant Payment Wallet

  • G999 Card – 2FA Security Key

The G999 Card is a credit card-sized Bluetooth hardware wallet that offers next-level security for your cryptocurrency. It connects to your smartphone (iOS/Android) via the G999 Card app allowing for quick and secure transactions. 

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