What’s all this chat about AIRDROPS?

There are many reasons that airdrops occur, and I won’t lie.. We 💕 them!

Let’s have a look at why / how they come about…

➛ Awareness – creating awareness for a new coin in an already pretty full market can be hard! Airdrops help with awareness and have people pay attention.

➛ Alignment of Interests – receiving airdrops of coins entices holders to have a vested interest in the project and success of the coin / project.

➛ Alternative Mechanism – in many countries ICOs (initial coin offerings) are not possible! Airdrops can provide a back door to coin adoption in these countries.

➛ Appreciation – not everyone gets exposed to or takes up ICO or early adoption opportunities. There is no better THANK YOU from a company than digital shares in it! Loyalty is very often rewarded in token / coin holding for those who go the long and often VERY bumpy road of early adoption.

➛ Fair Token Distribution – working in ‘open source’ and ‘decentralised’ is exciting and also it is important in this space to provide a level playing field for all participants. An airdrop can even up the field for some of the participants and facilitate inclusion.

➛ Educational – as many people are super new to learning about how to open an exchange, KYC documents, set up certain parts of wallets/transfers etc, we now have ‘educational airdrops’ to support this learning.

➛ Being able to acquire lots of assets for FREE or at discounted airdrop prices allows us to build a bigger & better balance sheet.

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