About Golden Nuggets

As I know many, many, are really curious and interested about the gold and crypto, blockchain and the Gold Standard Bank & Freebay’s ecosystems but do no to want to ask for whatever reason I have made this site where you can join me in my understanding on owning gold and crypto, the G999 and Freebay eco-systems, blockchain technology, Gold Standard Banking and much more.

I have made it so you can check it out at your leisure I not even I will know that you have checked it unless you like it of course 😉

I am here if you have any questions or concerns. Just send me an e-mail and I will get back to you.


Who am I ?

My name is  Jeanette and I am an Independent affiliate of Freebay & Gold Standard Partners.

I am not an financial advisor or expert of any sorts just a normal person working 9 – 7 (or more) that am slowly learning the value of gold as an asset, my own financial situation and can not stress how important these issues are especially with a inflation / recession ahead and would like others to gain the same / similar insight.

Join the GS Partners & Freebay community

The future is here with amazing new technology, payment gateways and most important: an easy way to save gold for everyone. You can also join up as an affiliate to be able to help others.

Contact me for more information or head over to Freebay / GS Partners and get your affiliate accounts set up today.

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This site was made and is maintained by an Independent affiliate of Freebay & Gold Standard Partners.

The information is believed to be correct, is given in good faith and is intended as general information to the public.